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information for businesses covered by the ombudsman service

This section answers a number of frequently-asked questions (FAQs) about:

how we handle cases

keeping it confidential

can a business submit information in confidence to the ombudsman service?

We will have regard for your rights of privacy, and we do not automatically copy to both sides all the information we have on a case. But in general, you should assume we may disclose to the consumer any information you send us about the complaint. We will certainly need to summarise information that is central to our decision, as well as disclosing other information where we think it appropriate.

If you believe that some information should be kept confidential between you and us, you should mark that information clearly and tell us why you think we should not pass it to the consumer. We will consider your request - but we may not agree to it, unless there is a strong case for confidentiality, such as security reasons.

We take the same approach with information the consumer gives us. By signing our complaint form, the consumer authorises us to exchange information with you about their complaint.

We may publish case studies and information about complaints - for example, as part of our complaints-prevention work - but we do not release the names of the individual consumers or businesses involved.

If appropriate, we exchange information with the FCA as well as other regulatory or government bodies. We are empowered to do this under the statutory provisions of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 and the Consumer Credit Act 2006.