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complaining to the ombudsman

making a complaint

  • how do I complain to the Financial Ombudsman Service?
  • what's the best way of making sure my complaint is taken seriously?
  • do I need specialist help to complain?

complaints we cover

how can I find out:

  • what types of financial complaints the ombudsman service covers; and
  • if my complaint is one you can help with?

complaints we can't help with

what are the types of financial complaints the ombudsman service can't help with?

information in different languages

I'd like to discuss my complaint with you but my preferred language is not English. Can you help?

accessibility and diversity

what is your policy on accessibility and diversity?

how long does it take?

how long will the ombudsman service take to consider and resolve my complaint?

our independent role

  • I thought you were meant to be the consumer champion – so why won't you uphold my complaint?
  • how often do you find in favour of the consumer?
  • does the ombudsman punish or fine businesses?
  • can the ombudsman make a business apply a decision on an individual case to all other consumers in the same position?

complaints from businesses, charities and trusts

what types of businesses, charities and trusts can use our service?

if a business goes bust

what happens if a business goes bust while the Financial Ombudsman Service is looking at my complaint about it?

complaints from people based outside the UK

I'm a UK citizen currently living in Europe. Would I still be covered by the Financial Ombudsman Service if I had a complaint – or would I need to go to a European equivalent?

complaints about our service

who can I complain to if I'm not happy with the service provided by the Financial Ombudsman Service?