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information for researchers

This section gives you quick and easy access to the more commonly-asked questions on a wide range of issues relating to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

complaints we deal with

  • how can I check if you've dealt with a complaint like mine before?
  • where can I find statistics about numbers and types of complaints handled by the ombudsman service?

about the ombudsman service

  • I'm a student doing a project. Can you give me some background information on ombudsmen?
  • who does the Financial Ombudsman Service answer to?
  • how can I find out about career opportunities at the ombudsman service?

official documents

where can I find information about the official documents underpinning the statutory functions and powers of the Financial Ombudsman Service?


how is the Financial Ombudsman Service funded?


where can I find more information about contracts awarded by the Financial Ombudsman Service and current tendering opportunities?

freedom of information

how does the ombudsman comply with freedom of information?