Transcript of Caroline Wayman's video

This year we've helped millions of people whose lives have been impacted by money matters - which of course are so important to all of us. Our job is to unpick and translate problems, helping people through what can be very difficult times.

One of the biggest stories of the year is the number of people who've contacted us with problems with short-term credit and debt. In many ways, it's a positive thing that people are coming forward to say they need help and don't feel they've been treated fairly.

These days credit can be accessed very quickly and easily - for example, through your mobile phone. So when things go wrong, it's really important our service is able to respond quickly to help people get the answers they need.

This year we've increasingly been able to give people answers in hours and days - and that's what we need to be doing even more of.

As well as looking back, our annual review is a chance to think about the future - how the way we interact with money is going to change, and how we can continue to ensure fairness and make a difference to people's lives.

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