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ombudsman news

issue 100

February/March 2012

10 most popular Q&As

We launched our first page for readers' questions in October 2002. We answered queries about tax payable on mortgage endowment compensation and on re-opening a complaint after the file had been closed. Since then, the Q&A page - known as 'ask ombudsman news' until December 2008 - has covered several hundred questions and answers from businesses and consumer advisers.

Many of the questions have related to specific issues relevant at that particular time. Others cover topics that we regularly return to - enabling us to recap for new readers as well as updating existing readers on popular issues.

In this special 100th edition we list the ten most-frequently downloaded questions from the online Q&A pages of ombudsman news. We don't have the space here to publish the answers as well. But given the popularity of these top ten Q&As, readers might know the answers already!

  1. 'As a small business, it looks like our first-ever complaint might be coming the ombudsman's way. What do we need to do?'
    issue 51, January/February 2006
  2. 'When and how does the ombudsman add interest if it decides that a business should pay compensation to a consumer?'
    issue 77, May/June 2009
  3. 'What impact will the recession have on the ombudsman's plans for its expected future workload?'
    issue 75, January/February 2009
  4. 'Why don't you have a hearing in every case? I thought this was necessary to comply with human rights law.'
    issue 95, July/August 2011
  5. 'How will the ombudsman fit into the government's new plans for consumer credit?'
    issue 54, June/July 2006
  6. 'What's the latest on the judicial review on payment protection insurance (PPI) complaints - brought by the British Bankers Association (BBA) against the FSA and the ombudsman?'
    issue 91, December 2010
  7. 'Why doesn't the ombudsman service restrict itself to dealing only with the specific arguments that a consumer raises when making a complaint?'
    issue 89, October/November 2010
  8. 'What approach does the Financial Ombudsman Service take in cases involving section 75 credit-card claims for overseas transactions?'
    issue 43, February 2005
  9. 'Should sat-nav equipment be considered as personal possessions under a domestic contents policy - or as a vehicle tool under a motor policy?'
    issue 57, October/November 2006
  10. 'As a consumer champion, shouldn't the ombudsman be doing more to support ordinary people in their disputes with big business?'
    issue 44, March 2005