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ombudsman news

issue 134

July 2016

One of my clients has a problem with her mortgage. She's not sure if her bank's answer is right - can she talk things through with you without making a formal complaint?

In the past year we heard from over one and a half million people wanting a steer on a financial problem they were having - and less than a third of those people went on to pursue the matter as a formal complaint. In the majority of cases we’re able to sort things out at a very early stage.

In many cases, our help is as simple as explaining things in everyday terms. We hear from people who are unsure if the answer they’ve had from a financial business is fair - because they’re confused by jargon the business has used. When these kinds of problems arise, we can explain things clearly - helping people decide for themselves straightaway if they need to take things further.

We were set up to sort out problems as quickly and informally as possible. And it’s never been more important for us to find new and efficient ways of helping people with whatever financial problem they might be having.

You can find out about the different ways we’ve been helping people at an early stage - and the problems we’ve sorted out without needing a full investigation - in the chapter “sorting things early on” in our annual review.

My business has recently been authorised by the FCA - and I clearly won't want much to do with the ombudsman if I can avoid it! But I do have some questions - how can I get them answered?

If you want to know more about how we work and our approach to resolving complaints, our website is a good place to start. You can find links to the support and insight we can offer businesses.

If you’d prefer to ask us questions face to face, check our website to see if we’ll be visiting your local area soon. Over the next few months we’ve planned a number of free workshops and roundtables - which are a chance for smaller businesses to find out more about us, and to share perspectives on specific issues that matter to them.

You can also phone our free helpline for businesses and others working with financial complaints - for an informal conversation about the ombudsman in general or specific customer complaints. We’re here from 9 to 5 every weekday on 020 7964 1400.

ombudsman news

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