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ombudsman news

issue 140

March/April 2017

our plans for 2017/2018

From 14 December 2016 to 31 January 2017, we consulted publicly on our proposed plans and budget for 2017/2018. In response, our stakeholders gave us their perspectives on the challenges we'd identified and on the types and volumes of problems we anticipated that we'd need to be ready to resolve. We also met businesses, trade bodies and consumer representatives to hear their views directly.

Having taken into account all the feedback we received, we've now finalised our plans for the year ahead. We've highlighted some of them here - and there's more detail on our website.

our service

We'll run a service with fairness at its heart - one that's both relevant in a changing world and sustainable into the future. Working flexibly and efficiently, we'll make sure we're easy to use while being mindful of how we're using our resources.

  • We'll handle over 1.7m consumer enquiries and resolve 430,000 complaints, including 280,000 PPI complaints - reducing the cost of resolving each case.
  • We'll develop and strengthen our channels for sharing knowledge, expertise and insight across our service. As we work increasingly flexibly, this will help us make sure our answers continue to consistently reflect sound judgement and fairness.

our customers

We'll earn people's trust by showing we've listened to their perspectives. Working flexibly, we'll combine expert knowledge with common sense and pragmatism - giving timely answers that are fair and feel fair too.

  • We'll resolve the problems people bring to us increasingly quickly and flexibly - sorting out 50% complaints within 45 days by the end of the financial year.
  • We'll continue to engage with our stakeholders - from independent financial advisers to large business groups, and from the consumer advice sector to government and regulators - to understand what matters to them and to build trust and confidence in our service.

our reach

We want everyone who needs us to know we're here and how we can help - and we'll adapt our service to people's lives and needs. By sharing our insight and experience, we'll help prevent complaints and promote confidence in financial services.

  • We'll remain accessible to everyone - providing a flexible, tailored service, whether people are managing the demands of running a small business or using a different language or format.
  • We'll use a diverse range of channels - including our website, our publications and the media - to share insight about what we're seeing in ways that are relevant, timely and valuable to our stakeholders.

our people

We're expert problem-solvers who build each other's knowledge and are proud of the difference we make. Being diverse and inclusive gives us different perspectives, which gives us confidence in the fairness of the decisions we make.

  • As we work increasingly flexibly, we'll continue to build our service around our ombudsmen's knowledge and professional leadership.
  • We'll maintain our focus on diversity and inclusion, so our service reflects the people we're here to help - and recognising that different perspectives are essential for fair and balanced decision-making.

Read more of our plans and insight on our publications page.

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