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ombudsman news issue 40

issue 40
September/October 2004

'When she discovered what had happened, Mrs B was extremely upset because it meant she had to tell her father about her financial problems. This was not only an embarrassment for her - it became a serious worry for her father.'


ombudsman news issue 39

issue 39
August 2004

'Some aspects of insurance law are generally considered rather harsh when strictly applied to private individuals.'


ombudsman news issue 38

issue 38
July 2004

A reader writes in to ask whether the ombudsman would accept as evidence recordings that a consumer had made of phone conversations they had with a business - which they had taped without the business knowing.


ombudsman news issue 37

issue 37
May/June 2004

Setting out our approach to:

  • motor insurance disputes involving keys left in cars
  • complaints about discrimination - and making sure all customers receive fair and equal treatment
  • calculating redress for 'loss of investment opportunity'.

ombudsman news issue 36

issue 36
April 2004

Includes our approach to travel insurance complaints where an insurer has excluded from cover not only any medical conditions that the customer suffered from before they took out the policy, but also any medical conditions arising between the start of the policy and the start of the holiday.


ombudsman news issue 35

issue 35
February/March 2004

Launching a series of roadshows around the UK for mortgage and insurance intermediaries - ahead of their coming under the ombudsman's remit when statutory regulation began in less than a year.


ombudsman news issue 34

issue 34
January 2004

Covering complaints involving:

  • insurance claims relating to 'unoccupied' properties
  • mortgage endowments
  • cheques and 'cheque clearing'
  • single-premium investment bonds.

ombudsman news issue 33

issue 33
November 2003

'There is a kind of mistake that can make some customers happy. This is where a firm mistakenly credits a customer's account with money that the customer is not entitled to.'


ombudsman news issue 32

issue 32
October 2003

'Our jurisdiction is a broad one - but not quite as broad as some consumers believe.'

ombudsman news issue 31

issue 31
September 2003

'The fact that he had left his car and car keys in the care of the woman indicated that he trusted her. It never occurred to him that there was a risk of the car being stolen while he went to buy her some chocolate.'


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ombudsman news gives general information on the position at the date of publication. It is not a definitive statement of the law, our approach or our procedure.

The illustrative case studies are based broadly on real-life cases, but are not precedents. Individual cases are decided on their own facts.