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don’t get done, get Dom (and David)

17 April 2014

David Cresswell from the ombudsman chats about all things insurance with Dominic Littlewood on the BBC’s Don’t Get Done, Get Dom

fire away

16 April 2014

the ombudsman is on Fire FM – local radio in Bournemouth – for a chat about the burning local issues that are getting consumers hot under the collar

on the Maidstone trail

16 April 2014

we’re meeting local businesses in Kent to let them know how we can help them if they have an unhappy customer

networking in Nottingham

15 April 2014

last year over 200,000 people first heard about us through a consumer advice agency – so we’re hosting an advisers' workshop to learn more about the issues they’re seeing and share how we can help

say cheese

10 April 2014

sharing our voice without being snappy on Instagram – the massively popular photo and video-sharing app

getting to the bottom of things in Glasgow

9 April 2014

we’re meeting with local financial businesses to share our approach to getting complaints sorted

all disquiet on the western front

9 April 2014

we chat to Isles FM – local radio based in Stornoway on the Western Isles – about why people from the area get in touch with us

on the Ayr in Scotland

8 April 2014

Martyn James chats to West FM – a regional radio station based in Ayrshire – about the problems local people are getting in touch with us about

happy new year!

7 April 2014

hopefully you’re looking forward to a hassle-free 12 months in this financial year – but to help you stay wary with your planning we're sharing some tips in Wellbeing magazine

don’t get done, get Dom

4 April 2014

Caroline Waymen chats to Don’t get Done, Get Dom – BBC’s consumer rights show – about what you can do if you’ve a problem with a loan

supermarket sweep

4 April 2014

we’re in Tesco in Airdrie with Pamela Nash MP this morning – and in Alloa’s Asda with Gordon Banks MP this afternoon – answering questions about all types of financial problems from PPI to payday lending

nae bother

3 April 2014

from Stanraer to Stornaway, one in every ten complaints to the ombudsman hails from north of the border – David Cresswell chats to BBC Radio Scotland

working with MPs in Glasgow

3 April 2014

many people turn to their MPs when faced with a problem, so we’re hosting a training session for Scottish MP caseworkers

Shepperton Matters

3 April 2014

we work with the media across the UK to make sure people know what to do if they have a problem – see our latest feature in Surrey-based Shepperton Matters about those affected by the floods

from the Somerset levels

2 April 2014

eight weeks after the West Country flooding, the ombudsman talks to BBC Radio Somerset about sorting out insurance problems

talking debt in Dundee

2 April 2014

our tour of Scotland takes us to Dundee to meet local community advisers to share our approach to complaints from consumers in financial difficulties

tricks of the trade

1 April 2014

it may be April Fool's Day, but scammers are busy all year round – so here's our tips to help you beat the tricksters

getting together in Glasgow

1 April 2014

last year Glasgow was in the top 5 places people called us from so we’re visiting to meet consumer advisers to find out about the issues they’re seeing


taking the credit

31 March 2014

from getting on the electoral roll to cutting up your old cards, the ombudsman shares some credit scoring tips with 50 Plus Magazine

our plans and budget ...

27 March 2014

... are now finalised and approved for 2014/2015

reaching out in Manchester

27 March 2014

visit our stand and say hi to Mark and Ashley from our outreach team at the 50+ show this weekend - they'll be happy to answer questions about older consumers financial problems

technically tweeting

27 March 2014

follow our outreach team @financialombuds as they share a selection of things businesses are asking their information help line

talking business in Bournemouth

27 March 2014

we’re meeting with financial businesses in Bournemouth, working through case studies and helping them get things sorted for their customers

scam emails

26 March 2014

sorting out problems in Peterborough

25 March 2014

we’re in Cambridgeshire chatting to consumer advisers about how we can help with payday lending and mortgage problems

complaints help keep things on track

25 March 2014

in our latest issue of ombudsman news Tony Boorman shares how complaints can help improve services

and so forth

24 March 2014

the ombudsman chats to Edinburgh-based Radio Forth about the complaints we’re getting from the area

learning by the Loch

21 March 2014

we’re in Inverness learning about the problems consumer advisers are seeing and sharing how we can  help them help their clients

gathering in the Highlands

20 March 2014

we join the knowledge network at the fourth annual Citizens Advice Highland Gathering in Strathpeffer to talk about our role and how we can help

we can work it out

19 March 2014

we're in Liverpool chatting with local businesses about their experiences with complaints - and explaining how we can help them work things out for their customers

spreading the word in Wales

19 March 2014

we're heading to Swansea to meet with local community advisers to share our approach to complaints about financial hardship and payday lending

up-on the Tyne

18 March 2014

we're meeting smaller businesses in Newcastle to share our top tips for sorting out complaints

credit where it’s due

17 March 2014

Tony Boorman chats to BBC Radio 4 consumer affairs show You & Yours about the problems one unlucky consumer had with his credit file

Worksop workshop

14 March 2014

we’re working with front-line consumer advisers in Worksop to share our approach to some of the common problems they see

Scot a complaint?

13 March 2014

Caroline Wells chats to Real Radio Scotland and Dundee-based station Wave 102 about the complaints we’re getting from the area and how the ombudsman is able to help people there get things sorted out 

getting complaints on track

13 March 2014

Tony Boorman, ombudsman, talks at the Office of Rail Regulation’s annual conference – on how ombudsmen help to make markets work fairly for people with problems

forging relationships in Sheffield

13 March 2014

we’re listening to community advisers to find out more about the financial hardship faced by people in Sheffield

reaching out to the forum

13 March 2014

we’re at the Consumer Council's financial forum talking about our outreach work across Northern Ireland

on the money

12 March 2014

Martyn James chats to BBC Radio 4’s Money Box Live about all things insurance and how the ombudsman can help with complaints

talking credit in Blackpool

12 March 2014

we're at the Credit Awareness Conference in Blackpool sharing our approach to complaints about payday lending and letting them know how we can help people move on from financial problems

learning in Londonderry/Derry

10 March 2014

we're with financial businesses in Londonderry/Derry, sharing case studies and chatting about the decisions we make on the issues we see

PPI mis-selling and moving on

5 March 2014

Tony Boorman talks at the launch of the Citizens Advice report on lessons to be learned from the PPI mis-selling scandal

ombudsman releases latest complaints data on individual financial businesses

4 March 2014

five a day

4 March 2014

Tony Boorman chats to BBC Radio 5 live about our latest complaints data

staying savvy

3 March 2014

Martyn James chats to Sarah Pennells of Savvy Woman about what people can do if they have a home insurance problem and how the ombudsman can help


changes to our “voluntary jurisdiction” rules on “eligible complainants”

28 February 2014

Woking 9 to 5

27 February 2014

we're in Woking meeting with local community advisers to share our knowledge of dealing with problems about payday lending and people in financial hardship

breakfast with the ombudsman

26 February 2014

Martyn James from the ombudsman chats to BBC Breakfast about all things PPI

live from the ombudsman

26 February 2014

join us @financialombuds as we tweet some of the things you're telling us through our helpline

Caroline Tees off with PPI

24 February 2014

Caroline Wayman from the ombudsman chats to BBC Radio Tees about what’s happening with PPI

as far as possible

24 February 2014

the ombudsman talks to PosAbility Magazine – the UK’s biggest disability lifestyle magazine – about why it’s so important to look after your pennies

foundations for the future

21 February 2014

our latest three-yearly external review is now well underway, with the Future Foundation working with us and a wide range of stakeholders on the future of complaint resolution in 2025

social in Scotland

20 February 2014

follow our live tweets to find out what money matters are troubling our Glasgow community

heading to Halifax ...

20 February 2014

... to meet with the Insurance Institute to let them know more about the ombudsman and to share our approach to insurance complaints

chop chop

17 February 2014

Nadia from the ombudsman shares her top tips with Blackhair Magazine and tells the story of how she embraced her natural style

student finance

17 February 2014

as part of National Student Money Week, we’re in the student unions up and down the UK to let students know the ombudsman is here to help with any complaints they're having with bank accounts – have a look at a selection of the photos

Court of Appeal ruling on redress after ombudsman

14 February 2014

consumers cannot sue a financial business for additional redress after accepting compensation through the ombudsman, rules Court of Appeal

the sky’s the limit

14 February 2014

Caroline Wayman from the ombudsman, talks to Sky News about annuities following a review of the market by the FCA

advice for stormy times

13 February 2014

if you’ve been affected by the recent storms and floods and don’t know how to get help, check out the BBC Online or read our recent article in ombudsman news

it's National Student Money Week

11 February 2014

so we're talking to URN – a student radio station in Nottingham – about what young people can do if they run into problems with credit

knowing Your Money

8 February 2014

as the banks announce what money they’re putting aside to cover PPI claims, we talk to BBC News, Your Money about the story so far

5,000 and counting

7 February 2014

our Twitter follower count has broken the 5,000 barrier – thanks to everyone for taking an interest in what we do – and, of course, if you're not already, get following @financialombuds

what's driving complaints?

4 February 2014

Martyn James from the ombudsman chat to BBC Radio 2’s Simon Mayo Drivetime about what we’re seeing at the moment with PPI

what’s the scam?

3 February 2014

as scammers get ever more sophisticated we're receiving more enquiries about fraud – so we talk out on BBC Solent about "vishing" to raise awareness of the risks so you don't get caught out


fair outcomes for customers

31 January 2014

Tony Boorman, chief ombudsman, talks to the Insurance Institute of London about what an insurer should know about its customers

carrying the torch to Stratford

30 January 2014

we're near the Olympic park in Stratford meeting community advisers from the local area to talk about the issues they’re seeing and how we can help them get things sorted

latest figures on the complaints we're seeing

28 January 2014

in our latest issue of ombudsman news Tony Boorman discusses our plans for the year ahead and we share our latest figures on the complaints we're seeing

Caley call

27 January 2014

we talk to Radio Caley – Glasgow Caledonian University's student radio station – about what happens when there’s an IT systems glitch and customers can’t get their cash

payday loan danger day

24 January 2014

today's when people are most likely to turn to a payday loan to bridge that gap between Christmas and their next pay packet

leading the way

21 January 2014

we talk to financial advisers at the APFA regional seminar in Leeds about resolving complaints and what we're seeing

gone vishing

20 January 2014

we highlight the story of a consumer who was caught out by "vishing" – the scam where people are conned, often over the phone – into transferring their money into a fraudster's account

cheque this

17 January 2014

the ombudsman is on BBC Radio 4’s You and Yours today – to chat about cheque complaints – if you missed it tune in here

banking on land investments?

16 January 2014

we chat to BBC Radio 4’s consumer affairs programme You and Yours about land banking

Pinterest only

15 January 2014

check out the ombudsman on Pinterest – the pinboard-style photo-sharing website – for all our videos, magazine articles and pictures from out and about

all’s fair in love and Warwickshire

10 January 2014

Tony Boorman chats to BBC Radio Coventry and Warwickshire about the complaints we’re receiving from the area and how the ombudsman is able to help

ombudsman publishes corporate plan and budget

9 January 2014

financial ombudsman consults on plans for resolving unprecedented number of complaints while reducing budget by 20%

out with the old, in with the new

8 January 2014

we talk to 50 Plus – the local magazine for the over 50s – about how you’re never too old to get into good spending habits

weather warnings

7 January 2014

as severe weather warnings continue across the UK, we’ve seen a surge of enquiries about our approach to storm damage – if you’re concerned about how the storms could affect your home contact your insurer

new year solutions

2 January 2014

we chat to BBC1’s Breakfast and Radio 5 Live’s Wake Up to Money about getting the year off to a good start - if you haven’t already, check out some of our top new year tips

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