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complaints data

statistics about the complaints referred to the ombudsman service – showing the number we receive and the proportion we uphold

the financial products most complained about to the ombudsman

  • Each year in our annual review we list the twenty financial products which give rise to most complaints to the ombudsman – showing what proportion each product makes up of our total complaints workload.
  • We also publish the number of complaints we receive each year about all the different financial products we cover – right across the banking, insurance and investment sectors.
  • And we publish quarterly updates on our complaints numbers in ombudsman news.

outcome of complaints to the ombudsman – showing financial products and sectors

complaints data naming individual businesses

  • We publish complaints data every six months – showing the number and outcome of the cases we handle relating to the 200 or so named financial businesses that together account for around 95% of the ombudsman service's workload.
  • You can also look at complaints data about named businesses relating to previous six-monthly periods.

FCA complaints data

The regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), also publishes information on financial complaints and individual firms' complaints handling – to help people see how firms are performing, and to improve complaints-handling standards across the financial services industry.

ombudsman decisions

Search the database of decisions made by our ombudsmen on individual cases.