We regularly publish data and insight on the complaints we handle, as well as our final decision letters – you can find it all here. 

  • Our insight

    We share regular insight through our detailed reports and blogs about the complaints referred to our service.

    Our insight takes a closer look into key trends in complaints, the impact we’ve had, and we share some key points for consumers and businesses on what to look out for and how we can help.

    Our insight

  • Ombudsman News

    This is our regular newsletter that covers latest news and updates from the ombudsman service, and our approach to resolving complaints. 

    Read our previous editions of Ombudsman News to find out what we covered, and to sign up to our email newsletter.

    Ombudsman News

  • Decisions and case studies

    Our ombudsman decisions and case studies are based on real-life cases that were referred to our service, and illustrates our approach to resolving disputes involving financial products and services that are most complained about.

    Decisions and case studies