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online PPI resource

if you're making a PPI complaint ...

Most people find it easier to make their PPI complaint online.

But if you prefer, you can download and print off the two separate forms you’ll need:

  • the PPI questionnaire ("Word" or "PDF")
    to help you gather all the PPI facts about your case
  • and our standard complaint form  ("Word" or "PDF")
    to confirm your personal details and allow us to deal with your case

Or phone us for help on 0300 123 9 123.

PPI – what's happening?

standard documents for PPI complaints

designed to ensure that PPI complaints are handled consistently across financial services and by claims-management companies

case studies and ombudsman decisions

We want businesses, claims managers and people who think there could be a problem with their PPI to understand how we look into complaints. To help explain how we sort things out fairly, this part of our website sets out:

the ombudsman service's approach

updates on complaints to the ombudsman about PPI

action taken by the regulator

Following the ombudsman's formal referral to the Financial Services Authority (FSA) – in July 2008 – of our concerns about the way PPI complaints were being handled by financial businesses, the regulator has:

The ombudsman had originally expressed public concern about the mis-sale of PPI in ombudsman news issue 4 (April 2001) and ombudsman news issue 50 (November/December 2005).

legal challenge ("judicial review") by the British Bankers Association

  • In October 2010 the British Bankers Association (BBA), on behalf of a number of high-street banks, announced that it had launched a legal challenge – in the form of a judicial review – against the regulator and the ombudsman service on the approach to PPI complaints handling.
  • The judicial review took place at the High Court in London in January 2011. Judgment was handed down in April 2011 – rejecting the banks' challenge and endorsing the approach taken by the regulator and the ombudsman.
  • In May 2011 the BBA confirmed that it would not be appealing against the High Court ruling or continuing its legal challenge.

information for businesses on how we handle cases

frequently-asked questions (FAQs) on a range of topics – from the role of third party complaint-handlers to whether complaints should be treated as legal pleadings

image: how to complain - without using a claims company

if you think you've been mis-sold PPI ...

1. complain to the business that sold you the policy

3. you don't need to use a claims company to complain

  • why pay someone else to do it for you - when you're just as likely to win by doing it yourself for free