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our organisation chart

our executive team

Our executive team is responsible for the leadership and management of the Financial Ombudsman Service – and is directly accountable to our board of non-executive directors.

other members of the board

image: Caroline Wayman

Caroline Wayman
chief ombudsman & chief executive

Responsible for setting out the organisation's vision, strategy and values. Acts as key spokesperson for the service, representing it internally and externally, and leads the delivery of the Ombudsman's statutory dispute resolution and decision-making function.

image: Julia Cavanagh

Julia Cavanagh
chief financial officer

image: David Cresswell

David Cresswell
director of strategy

image: Chris McDermott

Chris McDermott
chief operating officer

photo: Annette Lovell

Annette Lovell
director of engagement

image: Richard Thompson

Richard Thompson
principal ombudsman and quality director

image: Garry Wilkinson

Garry Wilkinson
principal ombudsman and director of new services

image: Caroline Nugent

Caroline Nugent
director of HR

senior management team

resolving cases

  • Tim Archer lead ombudsman and director of casework
  • Tracy Campbell, head of property and customer help
  • Paul Fleming, head of operational performance
  • Mark Gee, chief technology officer
  • Nathan Horner (lead ombudsman and director of casework)
  • Pat Hurley (lead ombudsman and director of casework)
  • Charlie Sweeney (lead ombudsman and director of casework)
  • Paul Whiteing (lead ombudsman and director of casework)
  • Paul Kendall, head of mass claims consultants
  • Lesley Maslen (lead ombudsman and director of casework)
  • In addition to our panel of ombudsmen and our senior team, we also employ around 2,000 casework colleagues who work across all areas of our service – handling complaints about PPI, banking, insurance, pensions and investments. We usually appoint our casework colleagues on a permanent basis, unless there's an operational reason to do otherwise. We explain our approach to recruitment on our careers page.

our stakeholder team

  • Led by Annette Lovell, our director of engagement, and David Cresswell, our director of strategy
  • David Bainbridge, head of external relations (local and market affairs)
  • Lee Betts, head of stakeholder enquiries
  • Phillipa Cook, head of digital engagement
  • Debbie Enever, head of external relations (government, regulator and media)
  • Mike Harris, head of insight and content
  • Alison Hoyland, board secretary

finance and performance team

  • Led by Julia Cavanagh, our chief financial officer
  • Marcus Brissenden, financial controller
  • Andrew Mercer, head of business information and systems
  • Paul Mills, head of risk and governance
  • Caroline Wood, data protection officer
  • Talal Barkatali, head of strategic finance

HR and organisational development

  • Led by Caroline Nugent, our HR Director
  • Claire Smith, head of HR and organisational development
  • Becky Willis, head of HR and organisational development
  • Kelly Thompson, head of HR support
  • Michelle Phooko, head of learning, talent and resourcing
  • Lara Coetzer Revelant, head of HR change

legal and knowledge management

  • Yvette Bannister, general counsel
  • Tessa Clark, assistant director (knowledge management)
  • Clare Wilson, head of legal practice