A step by step guide to our recruitment process, and how long it'll take.

The nature and importance of our role means that we run a rigorous recruitment process. We offer a wide range of roles at the Financial Ombudsman Service, so not all of the roles we're recruiting for will go through all of the steps outlined below.

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We’ll look at your application

We’ll review what you’ve sent us to see if you are right for the role.

We’ll ask you to send us a CV, and – depending on the type of vacancy – a cover letter or an application form that highlights the information we need from you, tells us about your experience, and why you’re suitable for the role.


If you’re applying to be an Apprentice

We might ask you to come in and see us for an assessment day. This involves groups activities and a short interview.


Situational judgment test

For some of our roles, we need to know more about your decision making and judgement skills and how you’re likely to behave in work-based situations similar to those you would encounter in the job.



We’ll call you for a chat

For some of our roles, we need to know how you come across on the phone.

It’s also a good way for us to find out more about you and your experience.


We’ll ask you to an interview

We’ll invite you to a video interview, where we’ll ask you competency or behavioural based questions, and for some roles you’ll also have a discussion around a case study.

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