Businesses that aren’t covered by our compulsory jurisdiction can apply to join our voluntary jurisdiction so that we can look at complaints about them. 

By joining our voluntary jurisdiction, you agree to deal with complaints and comply with our decisions as you would under our compulsory jurisdiction. We can consider complaints that are made after you join, even if they relate to an event that happened before you signed up.

If you’re thinking about signing up, you’ll need to consider the rules and requirements that will apply to your business, as set out in the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) handbook. Our Business Support Hub can give you more for information on this. 


There’s an annual fee to be a member of our voluntary jurisdiction. The general levy tariff and case fees that apply to businesses in our voluntary jurisdiction are set out in our annual plans and budget and in the Fees Manual of the FCA Handbook (FEES 5).

How to apply

You can apply to join by post or email.

There are 2 documents we ask businesses to complete and send to us to join our voluntary jurisdiction – you’ll find these at the bottom of this page:

  • Standard application letter template  
  • Business details form 

Shortly after we’ve reviewed the documents, we’ll contact you to discuss your application. 

You’ll need to print out the letter on your own letterhead and sign it on behalf of your business.


Once you’ve completed the documents, please email them to: [email protected]  

Our Business Support Hub

For more information about joining voluntary jurisdiction, please contact our Business Support Hub.