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Complaints we can help with

On this page you'll find more information about the types of complaint we can help sort out. 

We can help with complaints about most kinds of financial products and services provided in or from the UK – from debt collection and payday loans to insurance and mortgages –  the types of complaint we can help with are listed below. 

When you get in touch, we’ll let you know if the business is one we cover, and if the complaint is about something we can look at. 

You can also use our complaint checker to find out if we can help with your complaint.


Check if I can make a complaint


Storm damage

Several parts of the UK have been affected recently by storms. If you have experienced loss or damage caused by the storms and need to make a claim on your insurance policy, you should contact your insurer in the first instance.

Read more information about our approach to resolving the complaints we see about storm or flood damage.

  • Complaints we can’t help with

    There may be some occasions where we can’t help with a complaint. For example, certain time limits might affect whether we can or can't help.

    Sometimes we can’t help because your complaint should be dealt with by a different organisation. Or there may be other reasons – for example, we won’t usually look into a problem that’s been decided by a court, or one that we’ve looked at already. 

    Find out more about complaints we can’t help with on our website. 

Financial Ombudsman Service for small businesses

Are you a small business?

If you’re a small business (SME) and want to make a complaint to us, head to our dedicated small business website for more information about how we can help.

Claims Management Ombudsman - a Financial Ombudsman Service

Need help with a claims management dispute?

We can also help with complaints about claims management companies (CMCs). If you have a complaint, or you’re a CMC dealing with a complaint, head to the Claims Management Ombudsman website for more information.