Our strategy

Our vision, strategic pillars and priorities are the strategic targets we set ourselves to help us resolve the thousands of complaints that are referred to us each year. They are supported by our service standards which are the practical targets we set to deliver the best service for our customers.

Our vision

To help customers resolve financial disputes, quickly and informally, and on a fair and reasonable basis.

Our strategic pillars

Helping us to deliver our vision, we have three strategic pillars. These pillars help shape our work and areas of focus, so that we can build the service our customers need and expect.

Enhancing our service

Preventing complaints and unfairness arising

Building an organisation with the capabilities it needs for the future

Our strategic priorities for 2023/24

These are our priorities for the financial year ahead, steered and informed by our strategic pillars.

Developing digital portals

  • Developing digital portals that will enable people making a complaint, and respondent businesses, to ‘self-serve’ by accessing, sending and sharing information

Ensuring quality and timely outcomes

  • Launching our new service standards – measures we put into place to provide assurance and accountability for the service we provide
  • Organising our teams so that they align with industry sectors, for example pensions, mortgages
  • Using 'Intelligent Automation' – technology to help us sort and allocate complaints – to enable quicker resolution
  • Maximising engagement with our stakeholders, to help us understand future complaint volumes and types

Building the workforce of the future

  • Ensuring we have the right skills and capabilities, and continuing our focus on diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Ensuring we have the ability to meet future demand
  • Developing and implementing regional 'hubs', to help us recruit and retain talent from across the country
  • Having a clear 'Employee Value Proposition' that sets out why we're an employer of choice

Developing our funding model

  • Updating our funding model for 2024/25
  • Consulting later on in 2023, if required, about changes to the way we're funded

Developing data and insight to improve our performance

  • Enhancing our forecasting and planning capability
  • Developing our data sharing capability
  • Developing our prevention strategy, our work that aims to help prevent complaints arising, to make it more data-driven