As well as resolving disputes, we work with businesses to help prevent complaints. Our work gives us an insight into how complaints arise and how they might be avoided in the future.

We share our knowledge and experience with the businesses we work with in a number of different ways. This includes publishing our regular newsletter and organising and attending events, such as workshops, roundtable discussions and industry steering groups. We also provide complaints handling guidance, as well as a technical desk.

Business engagement

Our business engagement team helps overcome any barriers we might encounter operationally when we are handling complaints. By building and maintaining strong working relationships with businesses, we can share our knowledge and gain insight into any emerging issues.

It’s important for us to keep in touch with all sectors of the industry, including smaller businesses. If you have an event you’d like us to come along to, get in touch with our outreach team to see if we can help.

We’ve also set up a smaller business forum involving representatives from a number of trade associations.

  • Steering groups

    We run high level industry steering groups with various organisations and businesses to discuss things like strategic issues and ways to handle mass claims.

    These groups meet regularly for banking, insurance and for financial services trade bodies. We also meet regularly with consumer groups.


Small business workshops

We run free, practical workshops for smaller businesses whose customers rarely complain to the ombudsman. They’re a chance for businesses to ask us about the issues that matter to them - and to find out more about our approach to resolving complaints.

Roundtables for financial advisers

Following the Financial Advice Market Review, we've been running a series of roundtable discussions for financial advisers. These build on our ongoing engagement with businesses and trade associations - helping us to share our insight and hear businesses' perspectives on the ombudsman and wider issues within financial services.

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Research and reports

We regularly share facts and figures about our work and the complaints we receive. This includes a range of statistics, which you can find in our complaints data and annual reports. We also have other online resources you might find useful, such as decisions we’ve made on past cases.

Ombudsman News

Our regular newsletter for people interested in financial complaints, and how to settle or prevent them.

Our technical desk

Financial businesses and people involved in responding to complaints can contact our technical desk for help with general enquiries.

If you are a financial business looking for guidance, our technical desk is still open. The lines are open Monday to Friday, between 9am and 5pm. Alternatively, please contact the technical desk by email or, if you have a query about our approach to complaints caused or affected by Covid-19, read our information for businesses.

0207 964 1400

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