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People rely on financial services every day – whether it’s paying for the weekly shop, insuring a car, buying a home or planning for retirement. So when things go wrong, it can have a significant impact.

At the ombudsman, we resolve complaints that financial businesses and their customers haven’t been able to sort out themselves. Set up by Parliament in 2000, we’re an independent and impartial alternative to the courts. If things have gone wrong – and people have lost out – we’ve got the power to put things right fairly.

Every year we help millions of people with questions, concerns and disputes involving their money. In doing so, we see the bigger picture of fairness in financial services – and we share that insight to help prevent problems arising in the first place.

our current opportunities

our current opportunities

Our people are at the heart of our service and have a unique mix of experience, background, knowledge and personality. But what they all have in common is a passion, and an ability to solve the problems people talk to us about.

diversity award winners in 2019