How we can communicate with you if you're deaf or can't hear well.

If you’re deaf or hard of hearing, and are unable or prefer not to use email you can:

  • talk to us using Relay UK (Previously Next Generation Text)
  • communicate with us using BSL live video interpreters

Talk to us using Relay UK

We can make and receive phone calls using Relay UK. This free service uses a relay assistant to convert speech to text and vice versa. This way:

  • you’ll type what you want to say into your mobile phone, laptop, tablet or textphone (Minicom or Uniphone)
  • the relay assistant reads this out to the person on the end of the line
  • when the person replies, the relay assistant will convert this to text so you can read what they’ve said

If you’re already set up with Relay UK, this service is automatically linked to your phone number. If not, you can find out how to use the service at

Talk to us through live BSL interpreters

When you get in touch with us, you can talk to us in British Sign Language (BSL) using a live video interpreter.

We can connect you instantly with interpreters through InterpretersLive! – a free online service provided by a company called SignSolutions . You don’t need to book calls in advance: you can talk to us through InterpretersLive! any time between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday. Outside these hours, you can use InterpretersLive! to leave us a message (they operate daily 8am–midnight).


Connect to InterpretersLive! now

Help with InterpretersLive!

  • This service is available via a tablet, phone or computer; To use InterpretersLive!, you'll need to download the StarLeaf app on your phone or tablet or access BSL Video Interpreter on your desktop via your browser. On desktop, this service is compatible with Google Chrome (version 27 and later), Mozilla Firefox (version 38 and later), Opera (version 23 and later), Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 10) and Apple Safari (version 6 and later; Mac OS only). To use the app, you should make sure that your device software is up to date for optimal performance. We recommend a minimum internet download speed of at least 10 Mbps and an upload speed of at least 1 Mbps.

  • You can find more information about how to setup InterprestersLive! on their website. If you have any problems using InterpretersLive!, or want to leave feedback, you can get in touch with Sign Solutions at [email protected] or through their live chat service.