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outreach - what we can do for you

The aims of our outreach work are:

  • to encourage the early resolution of complaints - before they reach the ombudsman service - by providing clear information about our approach;
  • to help encourage the elimination of the sources of complaints - by feeding back lessons learned from our work; and
  • to raise awareness of rights and obligations in relation to complaint-handling and the ombudsman service.

inviting the ombudsman to your event

We want to meet as many of our customers and stakeholders as possible - to answer questions and discuss issues face-to-face.

If you've planned an event and you'd like the ombudsman to attend, please get in touch on 020 7964 1400 or at We'll need to know:

  • what the event will be about
  • who the proposed audience is
  • what type of event it will be - for example, a hands-on workshop or a formal conference
  • what you'd like us to do there

Please give us as much notice as possible - so we can find time in our diary and prepare our material.


We don't charge for our time. But if there's a delegate fee - or it's a commercial event - we generally ask for our travel and accommodation costs to be met.


Unless we say otherwise, we own the copyright and any other rights in all the material we provide at events - so it should not be reproduced without our permission. You can email our publications team for more details.

contact us

If you're organising an event and would like us to take part, please get in touch.