Digital engagement adviser

Daniel's an apprentice digital engagement adviser at the Financial Ombudsman Service. When he spotted an apprenticeship in our digital team, it looked like a good opportunity to put his interests and hobbies into practice, turning them into a career working on the organisation's digital channels.

Combining my interests and my career

I've always been keen on a career in digital media, so finding something that incorporates my passion for photography and the potential of new technology in communication seemed like a perfect fit. I chose an apprenticeship with the Financial Ombudsman Service because I could see that it would offer me the training and experience I needed to build a good foundation for my career, while getting the opportunity to help people.   

I’m part of the digital engagement team. The team’s role is to work on the organisation’s various digital channels, including our website and social media. Online is increasingly the first place people look for information, so our digital work is really important in helping customers to find out who we are and how we can help.

As an apprentice I’m getting a chance at not only hands-on development, but also specialist training. At the end of my apprenticeship I’ll have a Level 3 Digital Marketer qualification, as well as experience of working on real projects to build up my portfolio with and showcase my skills.

Becoming an independent learner

One of the best things about working here is that, despite having only recently finished my A-Levels and not having been part of a workplace before, I’m treated as a professional and full member of the team. However, I’ve never felt overwhelmed or out-of-my depth. I'm given work that's challenging but appropriate to my level of expertise. And I always have my line manager and other team members on hand to go to and ask any questions if I need help.

The working environment here is fantastic. I’m meeting new people all the time and finding that they're all very welcoming and willing to explain more about their role and what they do, as well as provide advice and guidance if I need it. It's a place with a culture of mutual respect, fairness and professionalism at its core.

Since I started, I’ve worked on a wide range of tasks and projects. This includes researching and improving our online engagement through data analysis, mapping out user journeys for our digital channels, redesigning web pages and coordinating and drafting content, to name just a few things. I even organised this blog where my fellow apprentices will share their experiences.

The best bit so far

I really enjoyed working on our annual photoshoot. I worked with our brand & design manager and a freelance photographer, assisting them with preparing for the day, setting-up and operating the equipment and interacting and communicating with volunteers involved in the shoot. Photography is a personal hobby of mine and so the highlight for me was both watching and helping the photographer and seeing their creative vision translate to how they composed photographs.  

I’d definitely recommend applying for an apprenticeship here at the Financial Ombudsman Service, not least because there are so many varied opportunities for you to learn and develop. There’s also a range of apprenticeships tailored to different interests and skills, meaning you’ll find an apprenticeship to fit. For me, it’s been a great way to start my career development, and I’m looking forward to everything else I’ll be doing over the course of my apprenticeship.