Quarterly complaints data: Q2 2022/23

The data on this page covers July to September 2022. We publish complaints data on financial products and services every quarter and updates on business complaints data every six months. Our quarterly updates on financial products and services include the number of enquiries and new cases we received, and the proportion of complaints resolved in favour of customers.

For information on the complaints we received about claims management companies (CMCs), please see our CMC quarterly data.

First published: 2 November 2022

Between July and September 2022, we received 67,694 new enquiries and 38,470 new complaints about financial products. On average we upheld 34% of the complaints resolved in this quarter. The most complained-about product was current accounts, followed by credit cards.

Our Q2 2022/23 trends in more detail

The top five most complained-about products

  1. Current accounts – 5,945
  2. Credit cards – 3,386
  3. Car or motorcycle insurance – 2,729
  4. Hire purchase (motor) – 2,149
  5. Personal loans – 1,678

An update on complaints about funeral plans

On 29 July 2022 any financial business that sells and provides funeral plans became regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Customers of funeral plan providers have access to the Financial Ombudsman Service and can bring a complaint to us if they are not able to resolve it directly with their provider.

In the small number of complaints we have seen since this date, the majority have been about the sale of the funeral plan, with consumers saying the plan was mis-sold as they weren’t clear what their plan covered them for. Other complaints include concerns about the price of the plan, and problems relating to plans not paying out what consumers expected.

More information for consumers and businesses about how we handle complaints about pre-paid funeral plans can be found on our website.


In each release of quarterly data (about both financial products and relating to complaints about claims management companies), we publish the number of new enquiries and new complaints received in the period, together with the number of ombudsman referrals and the percentage of cases upheld in favour of the customer.

We publish data about products and services where we have received at least 10 new complaints in the reporting period. Products and services where we have received at least one, but fewer than 10 new complaints, are denoted as “<10”. We publish an uphold rate where we have resolved 30 or more complaints about the relevant product or service in the period. We no longer publish a separate overall and non-PPI uphold rate: the substantial fall in PPI complaint volumes makes that less informative than previously.

From Q1 2022/23 our taxonomy has reflected some changes enabling us to provide more insight into the types of complaints we receive. Find out more about the changes to our taxonomy.