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'Phishing' is is a type of financial fraud where criminals defraud, dupe or mislead people by email. Phishing emails have risen in number and have got a lot more sophisticated.

'Vishing' is over the phone phishing where scammers will try to persuade people to share information by posing as bank staff or other financial service employees.

'Smishing' is SMS phishing where text messages are sent trying to encourage people to pay money out or click on suspicious links. Sometimes attackers try to get victims on the phone by sending a text message asking them to call a number, in order to persuade them further.

More information about fraud and scams

See our approach to complaints involving fraud and scams, as well as information on the types of complaints we see and how to avoid being scammed.

We’ve shared our experience of complaints about 'vishing (PDF 448KB)' – and especially a “no hang-up” technique used to make the scam more believable - in one of our insight reports, available on our website.

We look at a wide range of complaints relating to financial scams and fraud – including problems with money transfers and disputed transactions. You can find case studies in our regular newsletter, Ombudsman News.

And if you've got any other questions, or need some help to get a problem sorted, get in touch.