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Yes, there are some time limits to be aware of when a complaint comes to us. Generally, someone needs to contact us:

  • within six months of the business sending its final response (which has to mention the six-month time limit); and
  • within six years of the event being complained about (and – if more than six years have passed – three years from when they realised, or could reasonably have realised, there was a reason to complain).

If these time limits have passed, we’ll need the business's consent to look into a complaint.

But we recognise that sometimes exceptional circumstances mean someone couldn’t contact us sooner. In these cases – if the business doesn’t consent to us looking into the complaint – we’ll still consider whether we can help.

These time limits are only for our service - there are different time limits that apply for taking cases to court, and these will continue to run while a case is with us.