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accessibility - meeting your needs

We can provide information about our service in different formats and adapt the way we communicate with you - depending on your needs. For example, we can use Braille, large print or audiotape and we can make and receive calls using Text Relay.

Please let us know what your particular needs are, and we will do our best to help. You can contact us about accessibility by email or phone us on 020 7964 1000.

finding what you need on this site

The search facility at the top of this page is the quickest way to search across all the pages of this website. If you are looking for specific information, you can just type a word or phrase into the search box and click "go" (the magnifying-glass symbol).

You can navigate your way through the site by following the standard links that appear on each page. Or look at the sitemap page that gives a quick overview of the site, with direct links to the most popular areas.

downloading PDF files

You will need version 6 of "Acrobat reader" to view documents showing the PDF logo.

Adobe provide free software you can use to read and access the information contained within PDF files, to help make it easier to read them, regardless of whether the files have been optimized for accessibility. You can download this software on the Adobe website.

If you have any trouble using or downloading any of the PDFs on our site please contact us at our webmaster email address and we will be happy to help arrange for the information to be provided in a different format.

downloading video and audio clips - using Windows Media Player

The video/audio clips on this site are another way of sharing information in a variety of formats. This page is designed to help users successfully download video/audio clips. You will need Windows Media Player 9 or higher. A minimum 768 Kbps connection speed is recommended for the higher resolution clip.

Download Windows Media Player here.

If the clip stops and starts during playback, one solution is to increase the size of your buffer. In order to do this, open Windows Media Player. You must be in "full mode" rather than "compact mode". Click on the "now playing" icon, choose "plug-ins", then "options", then "performance", then "network buffering", then set buffer to 30 seconds.


We use cookies to make this site as useful as possible. They are small text files we put in your browser to track usage of our site but they don't tell us who you are.

contact the webmaster

If you are unable to download a document, or have technical problem relating to this site, please contact the webmaster.

The Financial Ombudsman Service has no control over the features, performance and advertising content of commercial software such as Windows Media Player.