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downloading video and audio clips

downloading video and audio clips - using Windows Media Player

The video/audio clips on this site are another way of sharing information in a variety of formats. This page is designed to help users successfully download video/audio clips. You will need Windows Media Player (or similar software) installed on your computer.

additional information about video/audio downloads:

  • you will need Windows Media Player 9 or higher
  • a minimum 768 Kbps connection speed is recommended for the higher resolution clip
  • download Windows Media Player
  • If the clip stops and starts during playback, one solution is to increase the size of your buffer. In order to do this, open Windows Media Player. You must be in "full mode" rather than "compact mode". Click on the "now playing" icon, choose "plug-ins", then "options", then "performance", then "network buffering", then set buffer to 30 seconds.

The Financial Ombudsman Service has no control over the features, performance and advertising content of commercial software such as Windows Media Player.