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Here you’ll find the forms you need to complain about mis-sold PPI – and forms for businesses whose customers have complained to the ombudsman.

You can find businesses contact details on the FCA’s website.

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complaint form

This form is for you to give us your details and explain more about what’s happened with your complaint.

You can complete our complaint form online.

You can also download a PDF version and send it to

If you’d prefer, you can send it by post to Financial Ombudsman Service, Exchange Tower, London E14 6SR.

If you’re complaining that something went wrong when your PPI was sold to you, you’ll also need to fill out our PPI questionnaire.

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PPI questionnaire

This form helps us understand more about your PPI and why you think it was mis-sold. It’s an opportunity for you to tell us in your own words why you’re unhappy.

You can also use it when complaining to a business – as a helpful way to organise the key information about your complaint.

If you’re using our online form , the questions from the PPI questionnaire are included - so you won’t need to fill out a separate form.

If you’re complaining by post or email, you can download a Word or PDF version and send it to

If you’d prefer, you can send it by post to Financial Ombudsman Service, Exchange Tower, London E14 6SR.

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PPI business response form

This form is for businesses dealing with PPI complaints that have been brought to the ombudsman service.

Like the PPI questionnaire, it’s a helpful way of organising information about your customer’s PPI policy – and a chance for you to explain your side of what happened.

Businesses can download a Word version and either print it, fill it out and post it to us – or, complete it and email it to the address we’ve given.

If you need help with the forms, or dealing with a PPI complaint that hasn’t yet reached the ombudsman, call our technical helpline on 020 7964 1400.

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PPI complaints deadline: you'll need to complain to the business you think is responsible before 29 August 2019

You can find out more about the PPI deadline on the FCA website.

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