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Diversity is at the heart of what we do as an ombudsman service and an employer. Reaching fair decisions about complaints involves taking account of different perspectives – and doing the right thing by our people means recognising their different backgrounds, needs and aspirations. We want everyone – both our own people and those who use our service – to feel they’re treated fairly and equally. And where our employees are concerned, that means ensuring we’re drawing on the widest possible talent pool, and recognising diversity in creating opportunities for development.

This year, for the first time, we give a snapshot of how we’re doing – highlighting just some of what we’ve achieved, as well as what we know we’ve got to work on. And overall, I think we can be proud of where we are. Without question, we’re a diverse service – and we value and celebrate our differences, as well as what we’ve got in common. We’re also recognised for what we do: we’ve been Leaders in Diversity for some years now, and have a number of other accreditations. Although these are only part of the picture, they’re an important visible statement of how we recognise and respect individual backgrounds, needs and circumstances.

As an independent ombudsman, we want to set an example for both public and private organisations. And although we compare with the best in both those sectors, we’re determined to improve further. In the next few months we’ll be focused on tackling the challenges we’ve identified here – for example, increasing BAME representation in our senior roles. To help us do that, we’ll continue to draw on the insight of our employee networks – who make a huge difference to their colleagues and our community every day.

Caroline Wayman, chief executive & chief ombudsman

Financial Ombudsman Service staff members sat at a table talking

what we’re proud of

We’re proud of how we’re doing – and we’re focused on making things better. Read about just some of the things we’ve achieved this year and why they matter.

Three Financial Ombudsman Service staff members talking

what we need to work on

We’ve made good progress – but we know there are things we need to work on. Read about our challenges and how we’re addressing them.

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what’s next

Find out what we’ll be working on in the coming months.

Three Financial Ombudsman Service staff members sitting and talking

reporting on gender

We want to lead the way in treating men and women fairly and equally. Find out about our commitments, how we’re doing and what we need to work on.

organisations we work with

  • Stonewall Diversity Champion
  • ENEI, Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion
  • Women in Finance Charter
  • ELBA, East London Business Alliance
  • Time to Change
  • Time to Change
  • Working Forward
  • Business Disability Forum
  • Race for Opportunity
  • Employers for Care
  • Leaders in Diversity
  • Leaders in Diversity

our employee networks

Thank you to everyone in our employee networks and across the ombudsman service who helped us share this snapshot, and whose photos we’ve used.

There’s so much potential for the executive team and our networks to help each other think differently. I’m really looking forward to working together to build on what we’ve already achieved.

Annette Lovell, director of engagement

I’m really grateful for the difference our networks make. They give their time and energy every day to make things better for their colleagues and our organisation as a whole.

Richard Thompson, principal ombudsman and quality director