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ordering supplies of our consumer leaflet

You can order packs of our consumer leaflet online.

Each pack has 25 leaflets, and costs £5 - including postage and packaging.

For help ordering, email publications or phone 020 7964 0092.

Our leaflet for consumers - your complaint and the ombudsman - is available as required under the ombudsman rules.

Supplies are free to public libraries and consumer advice agencies such as citizens advice and trading standards departments.

Our technical note, telling consumers about the Financial Ombudsman Service, gives details about the requirement to send consumers our consumer leaflet. It also includes information about:

  • the option for businesses to print the leaflet themselves;
  • arrangements for businesses who deal with consumers (and their complaints) over the internet;
  • the use of our logo by businesses – to help promote consumer awareness of the ombudsman.

image: leaflet

meeting your needs and speaking your language

We can produce our publications in Braille, large print or on audiotape.

Information is also available in a range of other languages.