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It’s illegal to drive without insurance in the UK - so having car insurance is a necessary part of being a driver. We sometimes hear from people who’ve had problems renewing and cancelling their car insurance.

Some people tell us it’s unfair that their insurer has charged them for cancelling a policy early - or has unexpectedly cancelled their insurance. Others are unhappy that their policy has - or hasn’t - been renewed automatically.

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  • Communication is at the heart of many of the complaints we receive about insurance cancellations and renewals. That applies whether someone’s unhappy with fees - or tells us they didn’t know their policy would renew automatically.
  • We’ll look into the information the insurer gave when their customer took out their policy - and check they clearly explained any important information about cancelling and renewing the insurance.
  • We’ll also look into how the insurer communicated around the time of the cancellation or renewal. In particular, we’ll check they gave enough warning about what was happening - in a way that was appropriate for that particular customer. If something’s gone wrong, we can tell an insurer to put a policy back in place - or to give a refund if it shouldn’t have been renewed.
  • If someone's unhappy with the cost of cancelling their car insurance, we'll decide whether the fee is proportionate - and whether any refund of premiums is fair.
  • Driving without insurance is illegal - and problems with cancellation
    or renewal can have serious consequences. If someone's experienced any trouble or upset as a result of an insurer's mistake, we may tell the insurer to pay compensation.

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