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If someone's had a car accident, they might claim for the repairs on their insurance. We hear from people who are unhappy with how their insurer has handled the repairs - from the quality of the work, to how long it's taken.

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  • When we're deciding how well the insurer handled the repairs, we'll listen to what the insurer and their customer have to say - as well as looking at evidence like photos, repair histories and engineers' reports. If something's particularly unclear, we might ask the insurer or the customer to arrange an extra expert view.
  • We often hear from people who say the repairs are taking too long. There may be a reason why things have taken longer than expected - but on the other hand, the delay may have been avoidable. We'll look into the specific repairs being carried out, and ask the insurer questions about the reasons for the delay - and how they communicated with their customer.
  • Some people who contact us are confused about who's responsible for sorting out the problem they're having. If the repairs have been carried out by one of the insurer's "approved" garages, the insurer is generally responsible. On the other hand, if someone's arranged the repairs themselves - at a garage they've chosen - they'll usually be responsible.

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