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When someone’s buying a house, the mortgage company will usually get a surveyor to inspect it and give a valuation. This helps the mortgage company make sure the house is worth as much as they’re being asked to lend.

We sometimes hear from people who are unhappy with a survey or valuation - and feel they’ve lost out as a result.

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  • Some people tell us their mortgage lender arranged the wrong type of survey, which didn’t flag up problems with the property. If we decide the lender should put things right, we can tell them to arrange a new survey - or make sure the buyer isn’t out of pocket as a result of problems that weren’t found.
  • We can't look into complaints about surveyors - so we might need to signpost people to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). But in some cases, we decide it’s fair to hold the mortgage lender responsible for sorting out problems arising from a survey. For example, if a survey didn’t flag building defects that it should have, it might be fair for the lender to pay for repair works.
  • From our experience, the valuation and the asking price may be different by as much as 10-20%. But if we decide it wasn’t reasonable for the lender to rely on a particular valuation, we’ll tell them to make sure the buyer isn’t out of pocket.
  • If a lender’s treated someone unfairly, we may also tell them lender to make up for any upset or inconvenience they’ve caused.
  • Buying a house can involve a lot of paperwork. To reach our decision, the evidence we’re likely to look at could include mortgage documents and application forms, surveys, solicitors’ records, independent valuations, and builders’ reports and estimates.


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