Maliha contacted us while she was on holiday. The travel company she’d booked her family holiday with had stopped trading.

She’d had to pay extra money to stay in her hotel, and she’d bought new flight tickets home to the UK. She didn’t know what to do. She hadn’t yet been in touch with her travel insurance company.

How we helped

As Maliha had a copy of her travel insurance policy with her we asked her to check the terms and conditions. But Maliha hadn't paid extra for end supplier failure or travel disruption cover. As there weren’t any other section of Maliha's policy that applied to her circumstances, we told her that she was unlikely to be covered by her travel insurance policy.  

Maliha told us she paid for her package holiday with her credit card. We told Maliha that because of this she may be ATOL protected, and might be able to make a claim via the Civil Aviation Authority.

We also explained to Maliha that she could contact her bank to make a Section 75 claim. We explained that this would only be successful if there was the correct debtor-creditor-supplier relationship in place.