Carolyn’s PPI complaint


Carolyn contacted us after making a complaint about payment protection insurance (PPI).  She wasnt sure that the business had made the right decision, so decided to get in touch with us. She tells us her story and how her experience with us has also influenced her more generally.

What happened

Carolyn complained to her bank about the sale of two PPI policies, as she felt theyd been mis-sold to her. While the business agreed that one of the policies had been mis-sold to Carolyn and paid her compensation to put things right they didnt agree that the second policy had been mis-sold.

Carolyn got in touch with us as she didnt feel that the business had been completely honest with her and wanted to know whether the decision theyd made was fair. 


Watch Carolyns story to find out how we helped

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What we said

Carolyn sent us an email outlining her complaint, one of our investigators then got in touch with her to find out more about what had happened. Following this conversation, the investigator told Carolyn that theyd be in touch as soon as theyd spoken to the business and investigated the complaint. 

After considering the evidence from both sides, the investigator felt that the business had been right in their decision to not pay out on Carolyns claim. The investigator called Carolyn to let her know our opinion, explaining the reasons why. Even though the outcome wasnt in Carolyns favour, she felt that the investigator had explained the reasons clearly, so she was able to understand the business decision and move on from the complaint.  

Carolyn explains how she will use her experience of bringing a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service to help the people she works with.  

What I loved was that you got the same person from beginning to end, so you didn’t have to start your story over and over again.


How we can help you

If you have a problem with a financial business, get in touch or read more about the complaints we can help with.

PPI complaints 

The deadline for complaining to a business about mis-sold PPI was 29 August 2019.

As the deadline has now passed, you can no longer make a complaint to the financial business, unless your PPI policy was sold after 29 August 2017 or your complaint is about a claim being turned down by an insurer.

But if you can clearly show that there were exceptional circumstances that meant you missed the deadline, you might still be able to complain. 

Find out more about making a complaint to the ombudsman service about PPI now the deadline has passed, and how we might be able to help.