Clarence’s complaint about payments for a service he didn't receive

Consumer Credit

Clarence got in touch with us after hed been trying to resolve a payment issue hed been having for a service hed bought but was no longer receiving. After a year of trying to sort it out himself, he came to us for help.

What happened

Clarence, who works in the property development sector, went online and signed up to a service that would help him get an HGV licence. But some time later, the company went into administration and was no longer providing Clarence with the service hed signed up for. But he was still expected to make payments. He tried contacting the businesses involved and each time was put through to a different person in a different department to tell his story again. 

Clarence was upset and distressed about the situation; he felt it was affecting his credit score and his familys plans, as they wanted to apply for a mortgage. One day at work, his line manager asked him what was happening and after hearing Clarences story, told him to get in touch with us and submit a complaint. 


Watch Clarence's story to find out how we helped

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What we said 

Clarence got in touch and explained the situation to our investigator. The investigator said he would get in touch with the business to get their side of the story and to get all the relevant information hed need. After the investigator contacted the business to outline the situation, they got in contact with Clarence via social media to say that they would resolve the situation. Clarence contacted the investigator to let him know what had happened, and we were able to facilitate getting the business to resolve the situation.  

Thanks to the Financial Ombudsman, everything was restored. They helped us, they looked after us – and we couldn’t have asked for more.


How we can help you 

Before you bring your complaint to us – make sure to contact the financial business first and give them a chance to put things right. If you’re still not happy, then get in touch with us.