Shazir’s complaint about an extension to a finance agreement

Consumer Credit

Shazir got in touch with us when a problem arose with the company that provided the finance for his kitchen redesign. 

What happened

Shazir took out a finance agreement to cover the cost of his kitchen redesign. When the new kitchen was delivered, it was clear that the company had provided the wrong worktops, so Shazir sent them back.

He contacted the company and was told they were unable to provide the correct worktops. Shazir asked for a suitable alternative – and as he hadn’t yet received the kitchen as agreed, he didn’t make any payments towards the finance agreement. It took six months to come to a solution and in the end, the company refunded the cost of the worktops.

Shazir contacted the finance provider to ask that the start date for repayments be changed to reflect the date the situation was resolved. The finance company did not agree with this request. Shazir didn’t feel this was fair, so got in touch with us.

Watch Shazir's story to find out how we helped

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What we said

Shazir made his complaint about the finance provider to us online. One of our investigators then arranged to speak with Shazir to find out more about the situation.

After considering the evidence from both sides, the investigator agreed that the finance provider should offer a six-month extension to Shazir’s finance agreement – and upheld Shazir’s complaint.

My main concern with going to the Financial Ombudsman was my lack of time... I needed the Financial Ombudsman to respond quickly, which they did.

How we can help you

If you made a complaint to a financial business and you’re not happy with their final response, get in touch with us and we'll be able to give you a fair and impartial decision.