Our forms

On this page you can download the forms that we use when we look into complaints. The forms are for you to give us your details and explain more about what’s happened with your complaint.

We can provide copies of our complaint form in whatever language you need it in – find out more about how to request this on our “accessibility” page.

Once you have completed the forms, email them to [email protected]. We are currently unable to receive post. Find out more about how our service is being impacted by the Covid-19 (coronavirus) outbreak.

Or if you'd prefer you can complete and submit this information online, or call us on 0800 023 4567 and we can take the details over the phone.

For financial services complaints:

For all complaints we'll need a signed copy of our complaint form. Depending on what your complaint is about, we may also need an additional questionnaire.

Find out how our service is being impacted by the Covid-19 (coronavirus) outbreak, and what this means for your complaint – it will take us longer to resolve complaints.

At busy times, it can take around 4 months for us to allocate your case to a case handler for assessment – although this might be longer for some product types. You can find out more about timelines for specific complaint types in the complaints we can help with section of this website. We’ll be in touch as soon as your complaint is allocated. In the meantime, if you’re facing financial hardship or severe ill health, please let us know.

For all financial services complaints:

For payment protection insurance (PPI) complaints, please also complete:

For packaged bank account (PBA) complaints, please also complete:

For mortgage endowment complaints, please also complete:

For claims management company (CMC) complaints:

For businesses:

These forms are for businesses whose customers have complained to the ombudsman.