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We regularly share our insight and we do so in a number of ways. Our blogs are just one of them, and here we talk not only about the thousands of cases we see each year but about what it's like to work at the ombudsman service.


Putting things right by giving something back

29 July 2021

Caroline Nugent, Director of Human Resources at the Financial Ombudsman Service, shares some of the ways we're living out our values of fairness and sustainability by partnering with organisations in support of the vital work they do.

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Blog: Helping small businesses with life-changing financial disputes

28 October 2020

Caroline Wayman, chief ombudsman and chief executive, explains why our experience of having resolved millions of complaints over the last 20 years means we’re well-placed to provide fair and impartial resolutions to what can often be critical financial disputes faced by small businesses.

SME Insights

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Blog: The impact of Covid-19 on financial service complaints and SMEs – what we've seen so far

30 September 2020

Richard Thompson, principal ombudsman and quality director, shares his thoughts on how Covid-19 has impacted small businesses and the type of complaints we're seeing, as well as how our service is playing its part in helping to resolve them. 

SME Insights

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