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Ombudsman News issue 154

9 November 2020

This issue shares our blogs looking at the impact of Covid-19 on complaints and SMEs, as well as changes to our Independent Assessor and board of directors.

SME Data and Insight H1

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Ombudsman News issue 152

5 June 2020

This issue focuses on our annual complaints data and insight for 2019/20, as well as our strategy for the next five years.

Scams Fraud Data and Insight Advice CMC

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Ombudsman News issue 151

14 April 2020

In this issue of Ombudsman News, we share the latest updates from our service – including resources we’ve brought together to help businesses resolve and prevent complaints arising from the pandemic.

H2 Data and Insight Strategic plans and budgets

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Ombudsman News issue 150

13 March 2020

The first of new email newsletter format, covering our latest insights report about misrepresentation and underinsurance, a bumper edition of our latest complaints data, the publication of our equality report and other news and updates.

Q2 Data and Insight Insurance Q3 Equality, diversity and inclusion reports

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Ombudsman News issue 149

1 August 2019

We published new resources to help resolve and prevent complaints about lending. We also share a snapshot of our complaint figures for the first quarter of the financial year.

PPI Q1 CMC Unaffordable lending

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Ombudsman News issue 148

1 June 2019

We share our annual review of 2018/2019, which highlights the significant rise in payday lending and trends for every sector. We also published refreshed content about fraud and scams.

Fraud Scams Annual review

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Ombudsman News

Our regular newsletter for people interested in financial complaints, and how to settle or prevent them.