Half-yearly complaints data: H1 2022

The data on this page covers January to June 2022. The half-yearly data includes the number of complaints against financial businesses for which there were both 30 new and 30 resolved complaints in the relevant six-month period.

For complaints about individual Claims Management Companies (CMCs), please see our CMC half-yearly data.

First published: 22 September 2022

212 businesses feature in our complaints data for the first half of 2022 compared to 216 in the previous six-month period. The average uphold rate across all products was 37%, the same as in the second half of 2021.

For our January-June 2022 data publication, we continue to report on some of the cases we have settled pragmatically with firms, following our introduction of temporary changes to reporting outcomes (PDF 1.1MB) from 1 November 2021.

The initiative built on work we had already seen from some businesses who had already been proactively resolving significant numbers of cases during the last year, before the initiative started.

In line with the temporary reporting changes, we have recorded the number of complaints resolved pragmatically by businesses in this period in a separate column, and as such these are not reflected in businesses’ uphold rates. The data shows that businesses proactively resolved 4,242 complaints in H1 2022.

Through this initiative, 6,877 offers from over 90 firms were made to customers to settle complaints. We reviewed the fairness and reasonableness of any offer communicated through the process, which resulted in the total number of complaints proactively resolved as part of the scheme being 5,460.

Just under a third of the proactively resolved cases were about fraud and scams. The remaining cases included complaints about e-money services, personal loans, motor finance and credit card purchases.

We also publish data on the number of complaints we receive by product and service each quarter.


The figures in the business complaints data are for firms against which we have 30 new and 30 resolved complaints. However the totals include all our complaints data, and is not based on thresholds. Alongside this data, we also publish our early resolution data. These are complaints where, with the consent of the business and the consumer, we have got involved in a complaint before the business has investigated it.

Interpreting the data

Business group: the name of any larger group that the business was part of at the end of the six-month period

Business name: the official name used for regulation purposes

Upheld: complaints found in favour of the consumer