Half-yearly complaints data: H2 2023

We publish data every six months showing the number and outcome of the complaints we handle about financial businesses. This half-yearly data shows the number of complaints against financial businesses for which there were both 30 new and 30 resolved complaints in the relevant period.

The data on this page covers July to December 2023.

First published: 1 May 2024

July to December 2023

  • Overall, we received a total of 95,349 complaints between 1 July and 31 December 2023. This is an increase of almost 20% on the same period in 2022, when we received 79,921 complaints.
  • 236 businesses feature in our complaints data for the second half of 2023, this is up on the second half of 2022 – when 212 businesses featured.
  • In the second six months of the year, we upheld 36% of complaints in the consumers’ favour, compared to 34% in the second half of 2022.

Insight from the second six months of the year

About our half-yearly data

Our Excel spreadsheet includes two rows for totals – the total number of complaints we've received as well as the totals purely for firms which are above the publication threshold of 30 new and 30 resolved complaints.

From H2 2022, complaints about Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) have not been published in a separate category. They are be included within the wider General Insurance/Pure Protection sector totals.

This half-yearly data includes a category for complaints that have been settled proactively with businesses. Proactively settled complaints are recorded separately in our data, they aren’t recorded as a change in favour of the consumer and don't count towards a financial business’ change in outcome rate.

We have also published early resolution data for July to December 2023. These are complaints where, with the consent of the business and the consumer, we have been involved in a complaint before the business has investigated it.

We’re not currently seeing complaints about CMCs which meet the thresholds for data publication.

Interpreting the data

Business group: the name of any larger group that the business was part of at the end of the six-month period

Business name: the official name used for regulation purposes

Upheld: complaints found in favour of the consumer