Consumer complains about the wait for a mechanic to arrive when his car broke down

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Chris contacted us after he had to wait three hours for his breakdown provider to turn up when his car broke down.

What happened

Chris’ car broke down on his way to work. He called his vehicle breakdown provider who sent a patrol mechanic.

Chris complained to his provider because he had to wait a long time for the mechanic to arrive. His provider said in their final response that due to the time of day and the bad weather, they were experiencing more call outs than usual and didn’t have as many patrols on the road. Although they felt sympathetic to Chris, they got a mechanic to him as quickly as they could.

Chris felt his concerns weren’t properly considered by his provider and asked us to investigate his complaint. 

What we said

We first had to check if we were able to investigate Chris’ complaint. We’re not able to look into every complaint we get about vehicle breakdown cover because some providers carry out services that are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

We couldn’t look into this complaint because the service Chris was complaining about wasn’t regulated by the FCA. To find out more about when we can help with complaints about this, see our guidance on vehicle breakdown cover.