Consumer has policy cancelled after being recorded driving at 125mph

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Maria’s telematics policy was cancelled by the insurer after it said she had been driving at an excessive speed of 125mph.

What happened

Maria took out a telematics policy. She had a good driving score for the first few months. But her insurer suddenly gave her a seven-day notice of cancellation. It said the telematics system had recorded her driving at excessive speed of 125mph on a motorway. Maria denied she had driven so fast.

Maria didn’t think the cancellation was fair, so she complained to her insurer. The insurer refused to change its decision in its final response, so she contacted us for help.

What we said 

We looked at the telematics data provided by the insurer, along with evidence from the vehicle’s manufacturer. Maria’s car was an unmodified small hatchback. It only had a top speed of 112mph. The incident was recorded as happening during rush hour. Because of this evidence, we decided that the information recorded by the telematics box was inaccurate.

We thought Maria’s policy had been cancelled unfairly – on the basis of a dangerous driving event that we thought probably didn’t happen.

We told the insurer to:

  • remove the record of cancellation
  • pay Maria the increased cost of her new policy
  • pay Maria £200 for the distress and inconvenience the mistake had caused her