Mis-matched repairs after caravan damage

Caravan insurance

When Laura’s caravan was damaged, her insurer said they couldn’t find matching units for the repairs. So she brought her case to us.

What happened

Her insurer told us the exact-specification units were unavailable. But they’d found a good match, so weren’t prepared to write the caravan off. They thought the repairs could be completed to a reasonable standard, and offered to pay 50% of the cost of replacing the other units.

How we helped

We checked the reports from the loss adjuster and correspondence with the original manufacturer and found that the original fitted units were out of production. We also looked at the suggested alternatives and found that these were similar in design and colour to the originals.

We explained to Laura that her policy only covered the damage itself. In this case only one unit was damaged, so that’s all the insurer was liable to pay for.

Putting things right

We told Laura that we thought her insurer had treated her fairly as they had offered to repair the caravan and pay 50% of the replacement cost of the other units.