Consumer unhappy that works were not completed by the deadline

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Rammi had problems with his new home and was unhappy with the builder’s response. He complained to his insurer, and then to us.

What happened

Rammi reported problems with his new home in the first year after it was built. He informed the builders but couldn’t reach an agreement with them.

So Rammi’s insurer acted as a mediator and prepared a resolution report. The report required the builders to complete repairs within 30 days, but they missed the deadline. 

Rammi felt his insurer could have done more to help and to ensure the builders met the deadline, so he complained. Unhappy with the outcome, Rammi contacted us and asked us to investigate his complaint. 

What we said

We asked the insurer for an update on the claim. They provided evidence that the builders were willing to do the repairs, but were waiting for parts to be manufactured. The builders said the parts would be available in two weeks and work would start after that. 

We checked the policy’s terms and conditions. It said the insurer should have taken over the repairs seeing as the builders had missed the deadline. 

However, we decided that asking the insurer to step in would cause more delays. The insurer would have had to order the parts that the builders was shortly due to get. It would be better to give the builders extra time.

We didn’t think that the insurer had acted unreasonably by not taking over from the builders. So we decided not to uphold Rammi’s complaint.