Fault claim was recorded when accident wasn’t customer’s fault

Motor Insurance

Hassan contacted us after his insurer made an error in his claim about the accident he was involved in.

What happened

Hassan’s car was damaged by a faulty car wash. The insurer recorded it as a fault claim and reduced Hassan’s no-claims bonus.

Hassan felt it was unfair that his no-claims bonus was affected and made a complaint to the insurer. The insurer disagreed and said they had acted fairly. Unhappy with the outcome, Hassan contacted us to investigate his complaint. 

What we said

We found that the insurer hadn’t asked for an engineer’s report until 2 weeks after the damage. The faulty car wash had been fixed by then. We didn’t think the insurer had done enough to investigate the claim.

We upheld Hassan’s complaint and told the insurer to reinstate Hassan’s no-claims bonus and record the incident as a no fault claim.