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don’t suffer in silence if you’re losing sleep worrying about payday loans - we might be able to help

The ombudsman service was set up by law to sort out complaints. Our job is to sort out disputes between people and businesses - fairly, quickly and informally. We're completely independent and can help you deal with your payday loan worries.

you don’t have to deal with things like this alone

phone us for a chat and free confidential help on 0300 123 9 123 …we'll take your number and call you back if you prefer

or email us at

You can also text us on 078 6002 7586 and we’ll call you back. But please don’t send any account numbers or bank details - we’ll sort that out later.

what’s keeping you awake at night?

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people we've helped

I was at the till with a trolley full of shopping and a queue behind me - and they’re telling me that my card's been declined. I just thought “right, enough’s enough”

find out how we helped Leanne and many others …

know your payday rights

Not all lenders are the same, we see cases where some lenders try their very best to help their customers. But we also see some things that are simply wrong.

find out your payday rights …