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wonky worktops turned my dream kitchen into a nightmare

Laura had been looking forward to her new kitchen. But when the worktops arrived, she was extremely disappointed – as not only were they damaged, but they didn’t fit. Laura tried to sort things out with the kitchen company – but they wouldn’t answer her calls or emails.

Her dad suggested that, as she’d used a credit card, she might be able to make a claim under “section 75”. But the credit card company wouldn’t pay out.

how we helped Laura

From the photos Laura sent us, it was clear the worktops were badly scratched – and didn’t fit into the space they’d been cut for. We could see from the date stamp on the photos that they’d been taken the day the worktops arrived.

We decided that the company had breached the contract they had with Laura. So we told the credit card company to refund the cost of the worktops.



I put down a deposit – then the sofa company went bust

Sam had finally got round to ordering a new sofa. But only a week later, he got an email saying the company had gone bust – and couldn’t fulfil the order. Sam had put down a £99 deposit on the sofa. He’d used a credit card because he knew it offered extra protection – although he wasn’t quite sure of the details.

But when he contacted his credit card company, they said section 75 protection didn’t apply, because there was a lower limit of £100. Sam didn’t think this sounded right – as the overall cost of the sofa was £1,000.

how we helped Sam

When he got in touch with us, we confirmed that it was the total cost of the sofa that mattered – not the size of the deposit.

That meant that the transaction was covered by section 75. So we told the credit card company to refund the £99.



I paid for a suit didn’t fit

Chris had saved up for a bespoke suit – and was measured up by a tailor. But when the suit arrived, the trouser legs were far too short. He phoned the company immediately to tell them about his problem. The company apologised – and said they’d send the tailor to sort things out. But the tailor missed the appointment – and a further rebooking.

Chris had paid for the suit on his credit card. After a colleague told him about “section 75”, Chris called the credit card company and told them what had happened. But they said they wouldn’t refund the money – as there was no proof that the suit didn’t fit when Chris first received it.

how we helped Chris

Chris sent us photos of himself wearing the suit – and it certainly didn’t fit. We thought that the fact that Chris has contacted the tailors so quickly showed there had been a problem when the suit first arrived. The tailors had agreed that there was a problem – and made arrangements to fix it.

As the goods Chris received weren’t fit for purpose, we told the credit card company to refund the cost of the suit.

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