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When it comes to spending money and buying something new, you should always think about paying it safe. From tiny gadgets to car deposits, using your credit card can have added protection and could help you get your money back if the goods are damaged, don't turn up, or aren't as you'd expected.

To help you pay it safe, or sort it out if things go wrong, here are our top tips and stories from people just like you …

"section 75": it's the law

All the tips on this page are down to something called "section 75" - it's a type of protection that all credit card providers must give to their customers by law.

how you can pay it safe

  • When buying expensive items – anything more than £100 but not more than £30,000 – use your credit card to receive extra protection for free.
  • Even if you’re just paying a small deposit on your card, as long as the item you’re buying costs more than £100 but less than £30,000, the whole item will be protected.
  • Make sure you buy directly from the supplier. For example if you're buying flights from a travel agents or using any other kind of "middle man", you might not be covered if that flight gets cancelled.
  • If you receive damaged items, goods that weren't what you expected, or if they just didn't work, you could be entitled to your money back from your credit card provider.

Not happy with a purchase you've made on your card? Speak to the credit card provider. If you can't sort it out with them directly, give us a call on 0300 123 9 123.

what "section 75" doesn't protect

  • Any purchases for £100 or less, or more than £30,000.
  • Items bought with a debit or charge card (although you may still be able to claim through the "chargeback" process with your bank or card provider).
  • If there's nothing wrong with what you bought - you've just changed your mind.
  • Hire purchase agreements aren't considered under "section 75" but you can still complain to the finance company if you don't think the goods meet the description given or if the quality is poor.

And there may be other scenarios where it doesn't apply. But if you still have questions take a look at our detailed guidance on goods and services bought with credit or give us a call.

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money worries?

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